November 15, 2018: Sex with the Lights On: A Healthy Relationship with Porn

Ok. Who here would be thrilled if they found their partner watching porn? Any takers? That’s often the mental image that pops up when someone mentions porn. This scenario is more about betrayal, less about porn, or even sex. Learn about what porn is, and what porn is not. Discuss how porn can harm and how it can enhance a relationship. What can we do if porn seems toxic in our relationship?

December 20, 2018: Sex with the Lights On: Sex Ed for Grown-Ups


Did you love the sex ed you received in middle school? Did you feel empowered and filled with the information you wanted? Looking back on it, do you feel like it prepared you for the relationship you are in currently, or the relationship you strive to be in? Do you feel prepared to pass your knowledge to your children or to the next generation? Did you answer “No” to any of the above? No assumptions will be made about knowledge, we will start with the basics. Join us this evening for an empowering and informative discussion about grown up sex education!


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