Julie, January 2018

The scope of the aftermath of treatment for Breast Cancer took me by surprise.  It has affected every area of life and did not leave sexuality untouched (forgive the awful pun). Lily’s approach to pelvic floor is gentle, patient, encouraging. She manages to deal with private matters gracefully. We are so very vulnerable in these moments, and she acknowledges sense of fragileness while moving forward. Throughout our therapy sessions she made accommodations for my particular physical challenges and celebrated achievements. She’s trustworthy and fun. She is fabulous.

At my most vulnerable, she was able to work with grace and gentleness to reacquaint my body with my mind. She worked well to make sure the bits that were already broken (arthritic knees and the like) did not get worse, and the pelvic floor therapy exercises got results immediately. She is gifted at making a girl feel more in control of things that have been righteously ignored. Any hesitations should be set aside. Do it.