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The majority of women are unaware that they may ask about these issues or that help could be available. Help us let women know who you are comfortable talking with, that it’s ok to ask, and how you have been helped. Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs. Any feedback is helpful and will be taken into account as we grow and change to meet the needs of the amazing women who are our patients!

Dear Nisha, Thank you for existing and being a force for positive treatment experiences for women.  I referred a patient of mine to you after hearing her stories of being ignored by her physicians. I assured her that you would agree with me that her physical pain was not normal (as her doctor told her) and that you would take her seriously and be kind to her.  She's now working with you and Lily and is so encouraged that she could feel comfortable in her body.  Thank you for making her feel safe and cared for. This helps in all areas of her life. Thank you again!

I am so grateful for this place and for the services they provide. I was referred to Lily Dawson after struggling for years with pelvic pain during intercourse. Lily listened patiently and respectfully to my experiences and concerns. She offered many resources that, with consistent practice, not only decreased my pain but also increased my knowledge of my body.

I wish I could give Grand Rapids OB/GYN 10 stars!  I have suffered from incontinence and extreme pain during attempted intercourse since menopause about nine years ago.  My primary care physician and my regular gynecologist didn’t have much to offer in the way of treatment, so I suffered on, thinking there nothing could be done.  After doing some online research, I found Grand Rapids OB/GYN – Center for Women’s Sexual Health, specifically PA-C Nisha McKenzie and Physical Therapist Lily Dawson.   My initial visit started with an exam by Nisha, who was so understanding, asked me questions that no doctor had ever asked before and assured me that many women suffer the same as me.  I was given a hormone prescription and referred to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Lily Dawson.

I wanted to share a success story with you because I don't want any of you to wait as long as I did to get help. As a result of all my treatments I was put into early menopause, which brought along with it a ton of awful side effects. Hot flashes, night sweats, painful intercourse, one chin hair (lol) - you get the idea and many of you deal with the same things. I saw Dr after Dr but nothing helped with the painful intercourse problem and I finally got to the point where I just gave up. I stopped having sex because it hurt so bad, it was truly awful. I felt bad about this, I felt sad for my husband and I felt sad for me. I really gave up, for years...Many of my doctors were trying to be helpful and a few didn't give up on me, pushing me to try to find a way though this. Tami Laninga Groothuis contacted me about a year ago and asked if she could nominate me for a free vaginal laser procedure (Diva) that might be helpful. I agreed but honestly I wasn't very hopeful. About a month later I got a call from Amber who is a survivor and a nurse at the Center for Women's Sexual Health. She let me know that they would like to provide me with 3 laser treatments to help with my menopausal issues.

There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for every single person in this office and the services they provide. After 15+ years of pelvic pain/pain during intercourse, and many unsuccessful visits to other providers in the area, I was referred to Nisha. She was the first person to actually listen to me and take my pain seriously.