I have suffered from severe problems for at least 10 years, and at some level for the last 30. I love my kids but delivering them wreaked havoc on my underparts. I was cut from stem to stern to get my son to pop out and have been uncomfortable with the stitches and aftermath ever since. Years ago, I remember challenging a principal at Lake Hills to a fundraising jump rope competition and filling my shoes with pee as I jumped in the gym in front of God and the entire school. Have you guessed my issue yet? YEP! Incontinence!

 Six weeks ago, I somehow mustered up the courage to mention my incontinence issues to my primary doctor. She suggested that I see a Gastrologist. Having done that years earlier, I simply filed the suggestion away. The following week I had an appointment with my GYN, Nisha McKenzie, and “confessed” my issues to her while my feet were spread in stirrups. She was neither shocked nor appalled. Instead, she very matter-of-factly said “that’s one of the biggest issues we deal with here. We can help.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I didn’t know anyone else suffering with this—how could it be such a big issue?

That visit with Nisha put me on the fast track to figure out just what I was dealing with and what could be done to help me improve my life. Within a week, I had a bladder study done in her office. It was determined that I had weak bladder muscles. Further examination proved that I also had a vaginal wall prolapse. Because of this discovery, it was decided that I was a definite candidate for surgery. The next week I met with Dr. Stephen Dalm, the OB/GYN surgeon. When he examined me inside and out he agreed that I was a go for the repair work. He even said that he could repair my episiotomy from 29 years ago! When I went to a Gastrologist in GR to get a second opinion, the PA-C determined that I was indeed on the right path and agreed with Dr. Dalm that I would benefit from reparative surgery.

All these years I’ve suffered because I was afraid of surgery! Don’t suffer, ladies!

Now I’m 6 weeks post op and I feel fantastic! I have little to no bladder leakage. Yay! (A good cough or sneeze might bring a bit, but certainly nothing like what I had been living with!) So far I am so very happy with the outcome of everything. Please give Dr. Dalm my sincere thank you one more time. As for Nisha—I can’t thank you enough. You are so wonderful to talk to and work with. Thank you for your patience and knowledge. You’re an angel for those of us gals who need someone as we navigate the female journey. You certainly are responsible for the healthier path I’m now on.

Give my best to all the staff. You have the best in the biz! Thank you! J.O.