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The majority of women are unaware that they may ask about these issues or that help could be available. Help us let women know who you are comfortable talking with, that it’s ok to ask, and how you have been helped. Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs. Any feedback is helpful and will be taken into account as we grow and change to meet the needs of the amazing women who are our patients!

At 52 years of age, I had been struggling with menopause for several months. I was having horrible hot flashes as well as not being able to have orgasms. This was devastating. I had no interest in sex and when I did, it wasn't that great. I was referred to Nisha, by a good friend of mine. I'm so glad I made that appointment! I went to see Nisha, a year ago, figuring I had nothing to lose. Nisha listened to my problems, asked me some questions, and discussed the options available for me. Nisha has been so kind, caring and attentive. I appreciated her knowledge and openness when discussing female health.

I went into my physical therapy not knowing what to expect.  From the very first day, Lily made me feel comfortable and optimistic that we could work together to address the issues that have plagued me for years. She was focused on me and catered my therapy plan around my whole body and life!   After going through the program, I have never felt better.  I left with the tools and know how to continue my therapy on my own with confidence.  For those of you who are nervous, scared, or too embarrassed… Just do it.

The scope of the aftermath of treatment for Breast Cancer took me by surprise.  It has affected every area of life and did not leave sexuality untouched (forgive the awful pun). Lily's approach to pelvic floor is gentle, patient, encouraging. She manages to deal with private matters gracefully. We are so very vulnerable in these moments, and she acknowledges sense of fragileness while moving forward. Throughout our therapy sessions she made accommodations for my particular physical challenges and celebrated achievements. She's trustworthy and fun. She is fabulous.

I have suffered from severe problems for at least 10 years, and at some level for the last 30. I love my kids but delivering them wreaked havoc on my underparts. I was cut from stem to stern to get my son to pop out and have been uncomfortable with the stitches and aftermath ever since. Years ago, I remember challenging a principal at Lake Hills to a fundraising jump rope competition and filling my shoes with pee as I jumped in the gym in front of God and the entire school. Have you guessed my issue yet? YEP! Incontinence!

Current Patient July 2017:

Nisha is a gem as my gynecologist. She listens and is so respectful of my desires for healthy alternatives to the standards, and she is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas pertaining to women's health.  She introduced me to the amazing diva laser vaginal therapy that has helped restore not only my health but my confidence as a women who wants to grow older beautifully and having fun doing it...