The Wonder of Women Series

The women of West Michigan have asked, and here is our answer! A monthly class and quarterly workshop experience taught by Sex Educators Heather Alberda BA, CSE, Sara Apol MPH, Justine Braford, LMSW, and Nisha McKenzie PA-C, IF, CSC  designed to empower you to feel more confident in your own knowledge, skills, and body to help improve your sexual and relational experience. All seminars are free, but registration is required. There will be a small charge for workshops. Wine and light snacks will be served. Bring a friend or bring your partner. No one available to join you? We’ll keep you company!

Date: 3rd Thursday of each month
Seminars Monthly: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Workshops Quarterly (Highlighted Below): 6:30pm - 8:00pm
                                                                          $30 registration fee
Location: Center for Women's Sexual Health
                 5060 Cascade Rd Ste C
                 Grand Rapids MI 49564

January 18, 2018: Sexual Health through the Lifespan: Sex After Cancer

  • Sexuality for survivors. This topic is near and dear to our hearts. We want every woman to have resources at their fingertips that can help relationships during one of the most stressful times in life, when lifesaving medications and surgeries cause further issues with pain and libido.


February 15, 2018: Sexual Health through the Lifespan: Understanding Perimenopause and Menopause

  • Fatigue, hair loss, weight changes, saggy…everything, vaginal dryness, low libido, insomnia, mental fog, hot flushes, night sweats, oh my! How to better enjoy this timeframe, avoid common pitfalls, and embrace the changes, sexually and otherwise, that accompany.


March 15, 2018: Sexual Health through the Lifespan Workshop: Sex Talks and Puberty: Setting the Table for Healthy Transitions

  • Puberty, middle school, GAH! Rolling with the tide and helping our middle schoolers and high schoolers understand what is happening to their bodies, and what the heck the kids on the bus are talking about! Oh, and doing this without alienating them, or completely freaking them out!

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April 19, 2018: Sexual Health through the Lifespan: Three’s Company, Sex after Baby

  • It feels nearly impossible to switch from “Mommy brain” to “Sexy Lady brain”! Tips for the transition, breastfeeding tips, how to feel sexy again, but more importantly, how to WANT to feel sexy again!


May 17, 2018: Sex with the Lights On: Intimacy, Libido, Practical Skills, and More

  • Everything you didn’t learn in sex ed! How to have reciprocity in sexual relationships, clear and concise conversations to protect yourself and your partner. How to relay your needs and wants, and make the experience one of sustainable pleasure. Real life issues, questions, and answers.


June 21, 2018: Sex with the Lights On Workshop: Food and Eroticism

  • Food can be sexy right? Are there foods that can increase libido? Is it sexy to cook for someone? To cook together? What are the most scintillating things you can make and do in the kitchen?

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July 19, 2018:Sex with the Lights On: Becoming Cliterate

  • Did you know the clitoris is still left out of 90% of sex ed books? If it is included, it’s not discussed. We will be discussing the idea of pleasure…for women! Hint: the clitoris, pound for pound, inch for inch, has more erectile tissue than the penis!!


August 16, 2018: Sex with the Lights On: Butt Sex Basics

  • Listen, we all have at least a little curiosity here. We’re going to answer some common questions about anal play: risks, benefits, how-to, devices, why people enjoy this and how to do it safely


September 20, 2018: Sex with the Lights On Workshop: Oh, Boy! Sex Toy

  • Ever wonder what kinds of sex toys are out there? Did you know vibrators have real medical benefits? Nisha “prescribes” them regularly! And how in the world do you go about finding one that seems reasonable for what you want? Is it so scary to look for one that you just forget about it and chalk it up to “I probably wouldn’t like it anyway”? We’ll have some demos on hand and a lot of info on what to look for in a sex toy.

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October 18, 2018: Sex with the Lights On: Men's Sexual Health

  • Do you have male genitalia or like to have sex with men? This talk is for you. Male sexuality. How does it differ from female sexuality and what does that mean for the give and take in a relationship?


November 15, 2018: Sex with the Lights On: A Healthy Relationship with Porn

  • Ok. Who here would be thrilled if they found their partner watching porn? Any takers? That’s often the mental image that pops up when someone mentions porn. This scenario is more about betrayal, less about porn, or even sex. Learn about what porn is, and what porn is not. Discuss how porn can harm and how it can enhance a relationship. What can we do if porn seems toxic in our relationship?


December 20, 2018: Sex with the Lights On Workshop: Sexy Secret Santa Ideas

  • Feel like getting your partner something a little sexier than a power tool, an appliance or golf balls this holiday season? Something sexy AND from the heart (no, we will not be making lingerie). We’ll provide the materials, join us, bring your friends, have a drink, and together we’ll put together some sexy gifts!

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