What is Vulvodynia?

At its most basic Vulvodynia, sometimes called Vestibulodynia, is a marked sensitivity or pain felt at the opening of the vagina (vestibule). While symptoms can vary greatly, women with Vulvodynia frequently find sexual penetration and even light touching to the vulva extremely painful. Vulvodynia is considered a chronic pain syndrome.

What causes Vulvodynia?

There is still a great deal that is unknown about vulvodynia. As of now, doctors have been unable to determine the exact cause of the disorder, however chronic yeast infections have been known to make the condition worse.

Although the exact cause of Vulvodynia is yet unknown, there are a variety of treatment options available to help you manage the pain. While your healthcare provider at the Center for Women’s Sexual Health will work with you to outline a customized treatment plan, some common treatment methods include: mindfulness exercises, lifestyle changes to reduce vaginal irritants, and prescription creams such as Lidocaine to numb the affected area.